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How Differently Do Children Play Today?

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The games that children play today might seem very different to those which their parents or even grandparents played, and in some ways they were. The toy market has evolved opening doors to educational fun through digital play that never existed in the past and many toys and games are brighter, faster and ultimately more modern. Do children really play so differently these days though?

Playground Games
What did you play at school? British Bulldogs was always a firm favourite once over however has largely been banned in schools these days due the risk of injury, despite it being renamed several times over to try and fool the dinner ladies.

Kiss Catch, Kiss Chase or Kiss, Cuddle or Torture always went down well on the school yard too, with both boys and girls trying to make their peers think they didn’t want to be caught while jogging on the spot near their crush of the week.
Sports always went down well as did skipping games, hopscotch and still do.

Playing Out
With communities growing larger by the day thanks to new developments everywhere parents no longer necessarily everyone who lives in their street and around the area. There is also so much traffic on once calm roads too which makes riding your bike something you need to wait until older to enjoy away from your own street. Going out to play Hide and Seek or Kick the Can from a fairly young age, returning when the streetlights went on is a much rarer occurrence sadly these days. This is probably the area where childhood play has changed the most.

It is still great though to see children in the streets playing many of the same games their parents did.

Imaginative Play
Children have the most amazing imaginations. Little has changed in terms of this type of play with kids still loving to play dress up (there are a lot of Frozen dresses and accessories out there at the moment alongside builders, fireman and superheroes), built dens under the dining room table, pretend to be teacher, their parents or someone from their favourite TV show.
Puppet shows of sorts are similarly still very popular although Olaf the Snowman and the Ben 10 figures have replace good old Sooty and Sweep, not to mention Punch and Judy.

Top Toys

What would you say were your favourite toys growing up? Were you into marbles, Matchbox cars or soldiers? Did you have a Big Yellow Teapot and craved a Mr Frosty? Many of these now retro toys have been re-released to show that children these days do still enjoy many of the same toys and games their elders did.

Thankfully digital and educational fun goes hand in hand with traditional play for building skills, using the imagination and more for a well-rounded experience. While the world of toys may have changed somewhat that doesn’t mean older games and toys have to be banished or forgotten.

It would seem that while the character names have changed, the toys are now largely digital and everything seems brighter and bolder that fundamentally children do still play with the same sorts of toys in the same way that their parents and grandparents did.