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How to Encourage Your Child's Reading

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Reading is a truly magical pastime. Once you open a book, be this a physical paper in your hands type or an eBook, you open the door to a whole new world.

Children, especially, are able to learn so much through reading, from history and geography to religion and much more. New experiences occur every day when you are young and some of these come from learning new things while reading.

Reading doesn’t just have to be for children of course, as reading in adulthood is a fun, relaxing and again often educational experience. Fostering a love of the written word and for the magic of storytelling from early on is what helps children grow into adults who continue to read for pleasure, long after they leave school.

There are so many ways to help encourage a child to read and to do so not only for learning purposes, for the fun of it too.

Enjoy Bedtime Stories

As well as being a great way to help little ones settle down for sleep-time reading at bedtime is a great bonding experience. Stock a variety of stories for you and your children to explore and cuddle up for a fun and relaxed story time.

Use Your Local Library

The library is a fantastic place to find new and wonderful titles, favourite characters and more. Once a place of complete silence libraries are very child-friendly these days, often sporting brightly coloured chairs and tables, displays and more inside a dedicated children’s section.

UK libraries also run a number of events throughout the year aimed at building literacy skills and fostering a love of reading. The Summer Reading Challenge is just one great example of these. Check at your local library to see what workshops, reading clubs and events are running.

Build a Reading Corner
Every bedroom or playroom should have a reading corner somewhere. This is a quiet place which is comfortable, has lots of cushions, good lighting and of course lots of books to enjoy. The more special this area is the better in terms of keeping children enthralled with the world of reading.

Digital Reading
While there really is nothing quite like the smell and the feel of a new paper or hardback book housing a library of your own take up room, lots of room. For this reason as well as to enable children to enjoy new titles instantly, read on the go and more the Nook has become very popular with parents and children alike. Nothing is lost from the reading experience when enjoying eBooks, far from it and especially for older independent readers this “cool” alternative keeps the love of reading going.