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The Creation that Was a Little Too Honest

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My middle daughter Poppy has always been a handful, in the nicest possible way. She's very clever, very bold and very honest which can often get her (and me) into trouble.

She was once sent home from school for giving a moony to the bus driver, she was 6 at the time. Her defence was, "I am disgusted with myself but he looked so grumpy that I wanted to cheer him up."

She has also offended many people without realising it, for instance she once asked my mum why her hands didn't have as many wrinkles as her face did.

She's also got me in hot water many times as she will earwig on grown up conversations and repeat what I say. For instance, she's told her head teacher that I think she's "power crazy with a fake smile," she's told my mum that I don't answer the phone to her after 8pm as I know she'll have had a glass of wine. She's also keen on pointing out strange looking people in the street and laughing very loudly, such as a very overweight woman wearing a crop top and the dwarf she chased round the supermarket as she wanted to "see his little baby man legs run". (He's actually a good friend now and saw the funny side thank goodness).This being said, the honesty in her Mother's Day home-made card caught me by surprise. I'd already heard she refused to spend her pocket money as she needed it for Haribo. I was still looking forward to a thoughtful handmade card though and this is what I got.

She's right of course, I'm just glad it came to me and not a friend or in-law!


I think I’ll be going on a diet tomorrow!

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