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Tips on Budgeting for Christmas

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Christmas is a magical time of year for most, with the kids thoroughly enjoying the delights of the season and parents enjoying their glee. In order to maintain the joy throughout December and avoid the horror of the post-Christmas credit card bill start your preparations now, following these handy tips for spreading the cost and making the most of the season in a budget-friendly way.

Spread the Cost

Trying to buy all of your presents, new decorations, a tree, wrapping paper, cards, the food and everything else in December will seriously stretch your Christmas budget. Instead try and pick up a few gifts every pay day throughout the year, taking advantage of sales, special offers and free delivery (we offer free UK delivery throughout the year as standard). Starting now is fine, just make sure that you make a list and tick people off as you find things for them otherwise you could end up doubling up.

Set a Spending Budget
When buying for other family, in-laws and friends set a maximum spend and agree this with them. Christmas is for the kids after all so setting a maximum cost per person of ten pounds should be more than enough. You might find that others will be relieved too by the new more pocket-friendly budget yet simply didn’t want to bring it up.

Get the Kids Involved
Wrapping paper may work out costly so why not combine autumn and winter craft sessions with Christmas preparation and have them make fun and colourful wrap, cards, gift tags and decorations.

Ditch Christmas Cards
Living in a digital age, and one which has jaw-dropping postage costs when you want to send fifty Christmas cards many people are opting for e-cards and similar instead. Do still send to those who would really appreciate it such as the older relatives however cross costly card sending off your list for everyone else.

Sell Up
We don’t suggest you sell your house to help you pay for Christmas however a good autumn de-clutter is likely to unearth a number of items which you could sell for cash to put in your own Christmas budget. Look at local NCT nearly new sales for selling pre-loved clothes, books, toys and equipment, EBay and even local Facebook buy-sell pages.

Christmas is about family and great memories as much as it is fancy food and gifts. With this in mind we offer a wide range of toys and gifts to suit all budgets so that you may spend your time enjoying the season rather than worrying over the cost.