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What’s the Difference Between a LeapPad and a Leapster?

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If you don’t know your LeapPad from your LeapReader or Leapster this article might be what you’ve been looking for.

LeapFrog Enterprises, the well-known developer and manufacturer of digitally based toys and gadgets for kids has been in operation since 1994. In that time we’ve seen an array of top spec modern, colourful and fun learning devices hit the market.

While there are subtle differences between types and models the main theme of learning through play, using apps, cartridges and digital tools in a fun way to enhance skills has remained constant.

The Learning TabletThe LeapPad is the first tablet for kids, made with rough and tumble play as well as educational needs in mind. Described by LeapFrog as “kid tough” these tablets certainly take a lot more abuse than a grown up tablet which will shatter beyond repair the first time it is knocked off the coffee table.

Much like a real tablet the LeapPad has games and apps, operates using Wi-Fi and allows child safe internet access only and may also be personalised. Apps involve an array of colourful and well-known characters and new apps may be downloaded by parents or guardians once the children have reached the stage where they need something more challenging.

The Gaming System
Aimed at children aged four to nine years old the Leapster is the gaming system for kids. Again it is made so as to withstand the rigours of everyday play and is a perfect handheld gaming alternative to consoles or online (pc) games for kids.

Included in the Leapster is a video recorder and camera, allowing kids to edit and share their favourite snaps. The latest versions have motion sensor technology enhancing the gaming experience.

Parents can also review their child’s progress and share success through the games via the online LeapFrog Learning Path.

What Do the Two Have in Common?

All of the LeapFrog products are focused on a central idea which is helping children to learn through fun. Topics and skills such as learning foreign languages, maths, English, sciences, social studies, life skills, reading, problem solving and creativity all feature in games and apps.

In addition to this both the LeapPad and Leapster really are the gifts that keep on giving as unlike many toys, games and latest fads these systems grown with your child.

Which is Best for Your Child?

Both the LeapPad and the Leapster offers the same value for money and similar experiences in many ways. Which one is “best” depends largely on what you and your child is looking for. If you have a mini gamer then the Leapster series could be the best option which for children constantly asking to play on your grown-up tablet the LeapPad might be the wise choice.

As with all purchases weigh up both options carefully in terms of price and which one is most likely to suit your child’s interests.

The bottom line is that both offer hours and hours of interactive fun keeping kids entertained while helping them learn from an early age.

*Just one of the games available from ABCZone which is compatible with LeapPad tablets and the latest Leapster GS.