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Why the Rainbow Loom Takes Us Back in Time

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If you have children, particularly school aged girls, you’ll know all about the rainbow loom. You’re probably, by now, sick of sucking those tiny bright coloured bands up the hoover! You may have even tried it yourself but given up quite quickly, as it seems such a long time ago when we had the time to indulge in a crafty hobby.

Are Your Kids Going Loomy for Bracelets?

We’re seeing sales of the Rainbow Loom rocket and as an educational toy supplier we are over the moon but how has this craft managed to permeate the flooded market and make such an impression on our customers?

The world is changing, that much is clear, and even two decades between yourself and your children can highlight a massive generation gap. Childhoods have changed so much, and your kids are growing up in an internet society, where texting, selfies, sharing and instant communication is the norm.

For a toy to take a child away from this it must be pretty special, or is it?

The Rainbow Loom works because it remembers what girls love. They love creating, inventing, sharing with their friends, giving gifts and learning a craft. Back when we were young we’d do this as we made cotton friendship bracelets. The loom is exactly the same and it gives the same feelings of satisfaction we had when we were young.

Why Does Your Daughter Love the Loom?

The loom is a playground favourite as every child has a break time and although we forget what it’s like to have 25 minutes to use our imaginations, our children have not. Technology has not taken over, the kids are still in control and they still want face to face acceptance, friendship and more.

The loom lets them:

  • Make presents for friends
  • Create secret clubs
  • Compete on designs and skill
  • Satisfies boredom
  • Lets them dress up a little
  • Puts them in control

Parents also love it because they can join in. Brothers love it because they can make snakes and swords.

We’d love to see what your little ones have made with the Rainbow Loom, please share on our Facebook page.

Our Rainbow Loom has also won an award!