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About Us

ABC Zone was born over a decade ago, from a small North London shop inspired by the founder’s daughter. Originally selling electronic and educational toys online in the EBay marketplace we became known for supplying the latest toys online at the best possible price. Our rapid growth saw us expand out of the auction site and into our very own global shop. This is ABC Zone, now one of the UK’s leading suppliers of electronic, educational, arts and crafts and Disney Character Toys.

When Dreams Become Reality

Our commitment to providing excellent customer care coupled with the highest quality toys at the best price has seen us expand beyond our wildest dreams. We now work with some of the best global leaders in the toy industry bringing you the best deals with free delivery.

The little girl who inspired the birth of ABC Zone has grown, yet the team still follow the same ethos. ABC Zone was born when the founder had difficulty sourcing the best deals on toys in the one place. For example, our LeapFrog range stocks every game and accessory you need to enjoy this favourite electronic toy, removing the need to go anywhere else to source the best deals.

Our Little Girl Grows Up

The little girl was also, like every young lady, tempted by the latest trends of toys on TV, yet suppliers would often charge extortionate amounts, taking advantage of the increase in demand. The founder decided to stock the latest items at a reasonable price so whether they were in fashion or not, the parents always received great value for money.

Word Spreads across the Web

Our reputation for a commitment to excellent customer care has spread also, as our founder understands the frustrations of dealing with online toy suppliers that have no empathy for customers. He knows that when you buy a gift for a child, you need to feel confident that it will arrive in time, as you are making a promise that shouldn’t be broken to your little one.

Global Brands Make Us their UK Supplier

Delivering on promises is what makes us the first choice for many toy brands, as they know we’ll keep their loyal customers happy with our own ethos on customer care. This also means we are often the first choice for brands, such as the official Rainbow Loom to offer the products to the UK market, allowing you to source products that are not yet available in the shops.

Now that the little girl is a young lady, we work with younger children and their parents in order to deliver a service that pleases both parties. We keep our eyes on the latest trends and ask children what they’d like us to stock, so we provide presents and gifts you know your children will love.

Join In

We love Facebook and Twitter as it gives us the opportunity to connect directly with you, to see what your little ones are doing with our toys and to learn as they do. Please join us on our pages, and get involved in the conversation. We love to talk!

Our Blog

Christina Gibson is our resident blogger. She runs two lifestyle blogs and is a mother of two children. Originally from America but lives now in England. She works for several toy and book companies as a reviewer.  As a mother, she brings her insider knowledge to our blog and would love it if you would share your favourite toys and children's adventures with us via social media.

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We’re also always available to answer any questions you may have, simply email at [email protected] or fill out the form on our contact page.

Our Delivery page answers any queries about our products, returns and free delivery while our FAQs aim to answer the questions that concern you most.

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