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About Us

We realise you have questions about us, here are some of the most common ones answered for you.

What Electronic Toys Do You Sell?

We sell a wide selection of electronic toys online, from the LeapPad range to the Vtech Innotab. All of our electronic toys are aimed at encouraging learning through play.

What Educational Toys Do You Sell?

We like to think that all of our toys are educational as along with our electronic toys we also sell preschool wooden toys, role play toys and dressing up outfits. Our Melissa and Doug range encourages active role play while our Vtech Innotab encourages learning and puzzle solving.

How Do I Know I’m Getting the Best Deals on Toys Online?

Bear in mind that all of our toys have free delivery so when you shop for discount toys, you don’t have to worry about the hidden costs at the checkout. We have worked in the toy business for a long time and have many happy customers, which is why we can find the best toy deals online.

Will I Find Your Exclusive Lines Anywhere Else?

If we have an exclusive range you won’t find it anywhere else. We’re proud of our relationships with many of the big brands such as Rainbow Loom as they understand we’re the best seller of their toys. Their trust in us allows us to bring you toys in the UK that you won’t find anywhere else and all for the best price.

Why Are You a Preferred Seller of LeapPad Toys?

We work closely with all our brands to understand the products and the brand message. We are committed to enhancing a brand’s reputation when selling their toys. Our brands appreciate our high level of customer care and our due diligence to providing high quality toys for our customers. This is why they see us a preferred seller as we give their toys and you the respect you both deserve.

Why Have You Chosen to Stock the Toys You Do?

The toys we stock are chosen for a number of reasons, their popularity, their quality, their educational abilities and the enjoyment children get out of them. Our current ranges have all been thoroughly tested by us and children so we completely understand how they all work, and how to get the best out of each toy. It would be impossible to exact this level of attention on every toy in the world so we choose certain brands to work with. We aim to stock all the accessories too so you can find all you need for the toys we sell in one place.

Why Should I Buy From You and Not Any Other Discount Toy Shop Online?

We know our toys, we offer free delivery and we bring you the best toy offers online. This is all backed up by our incredible commitment to your customer satisfaction. It’s service with a smile!

Our Products

Our product list grows regularly so of course we can’t answer all of your questions however we’ve put together the most frequently asked questions about the products we stock

I’ve Seen Rainbow Looms Everywhere, Why Should I Choose Yours?

We are the official seller of the official Rainbow Looms along with Loomey Time. There are many cheap imitations that look similar but they’re not of the same quality. You’ll know, as a parent, your children like to collect the latest fads, Rainbow Loom is the latest craze. Unfortunately, kids in the playground can tell the difference between cheap imitations and the real thing. Plus, every new accessory that Rainbow Loom launch comes to us first!

Along with being able to verify the authenticity we are also often the first toy shop online to stock the latest Rainbow Loom products and of course, we ensure you stock the lowest priced Rainbow Looms and accessories along with free Rainbow Loom delivery.

Do Leapster games work on the LeapPad Explorer/LeapPad 2?

Unfortunately Not.The "Leapster" refers to the original handheld console that was released in late 2003. The "Leapster 2" refers to the console released in 2008.

The Leapster games do not work on the LeapPad Explorer, LeapPad 2, Leapster Explorer or LeapsterGS. ABCZone do not sell any games for the original "Leapster"

Which LeapFrog consoles do your games work on?

Our games work on the following consoles

  • LeapPad Explorer
  • LeapPad 2 (2012 version)
  • Leapster Explorer
  • Leapster GS

Are games for the LeapPad Explorer region free?

Yes, Leapfrog games are worldwide compatible so games bought from the UK will work in the USA for example and vice versa. All games we sell are region free and some are exclusive to certain regions of the world.

Some of the game cases state only for "Leapster Explorer?"

These games will also work on all variations of the LeapPad Explorer. The older games were available before the LeapPad Explorer was released.

Why Do You Stock So Many Product Accessories?

We get to know our products well and have a loyal relationship with our brands. When we decide to stock a product we don’t think it’s fair that you should have to trawl the internet for compatible accessories. This is why we stock the largest range of many toys such as the LeapPad and cartridges, Vtech Innotab and games and the full Melissa and Doug range.

There’s a LeapPad Cartridge My Child Wants but You Don’t Have It?

We keep up to date on new products that are linked to all of the electronic toys we sell. Therefor if there is a new game on the market the chances are we’ll already be stocking it. If you can’t find it, please get in touch and tell us and we’ll make sure we add it to our stock as soon as we can.

How Can I Get Updates About Latest Toy Releases?

Our monthly newsletter gives you the latest information on toy releases. We’re an online toy shop that doesn’t like to spam as we know how frustrating it is. That’s why when you sign up for our newsletter you’ll receive just one email once a month.

To keep up to date on our toy releases, join us on Twitter and Facebook as we always announce our new arrivals.

Our Offers

Our offers vary as we always adapt to ensure you receive the best deals on toys online.

How Do I Get the Best Offers?

Signing up to our newsletter ensures you receive the best offers. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be the first to find out about sales.

How Are You Cheaper than Other Online Toy Shops?

We have long lasting relationships with our brands allowing us to benefit from low priced toys. We pass these savings onto you instead of adding a high mark up like other discount toy shops online do. We also offer free delivery which can add up to quite a lot when you buy toys online.

Do I Get a Reward for Referring a Friend?

We are currently rolling out rewards for referring friends. Check back soon for updates.

Are the Offers Available to Anyone?

Our discount codes are available only to our loyal customers and sometimes to those who have signed up for our newsletter. We do announce sales on our Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Do You Have a Loyalty Card?

We are currently looking at more ways to reward our loyal customers and so a loyalty card is on the horizon however it’s not available just yet. You still receive loyalty bonuses such as discount codes and special offers.

Your Account

We appreciate you setting up an account with us as this ensures we have all your details to deliver a great service. We realise you may have questions though so here are some of the most frequently asked ones.

Who Has Access to My Details?

We don’t pass your details to anyone. We only use them to ensure we deliver your toys to the right address. Only those working strictly for ABCZone have access to any of your details and then if they have the access.

How Can I Close or Delete My Account?

Send us an email and we can do that quickly and without fuss. Of course, we wish you wouldn’t but we understand. If you can let us know in the email what we may have done to prompt your deletion, it would really help us to improve our services.

Do You Share My Details With Anyone Else?

No. Nada. Never. No interesting third parties, no companies you may be interested in, no one.

Will I Receive Lots of Spam if I Enter My Email Address?

No. Nada. Never.


We aim to make the process simple but if you have any queries you should find the answer here.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit and UK debit cards, Visa Card, MasterCard, Delta, Maestro, Solo, Visa Electron and American Express.

Payment is made right at the end of checkout, where you will be asked to enter your card details.

We also use PayPal to allow you to purchase goods or services online using any major credit card or bank account. We want you to order with confidence and peace of mind and that your credit card number and details remain secure and private.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is an account-based system that lets anyone with an email address securely send and receive online payments using their credit card or bank account.

All payments will be made over a secure encrypted connection so credit cards numbers and private details cannot be stolen in transit, this is as secure as online ordering can be.

All payment processing is handled by PayPal which processes thousands of transactions per day.

Why do you use PayPal?

Because we want you to order from us with confidence.

We never handle or even see your credit card or bank account details. All credit card processing is handled by PayPal where primary concern is security.

With a PayPal account you can pay for goods and services using MasterCard, Visa, Solo or Switch.

If you can’t see your payment method of choice on the website please get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

Dispatch and Delivery

If you have a question about your delivery you may find it answered here. If not, please feel free to contact us.

When Do You Dispatch My Products?

We aim to dispatch all orders within 24 hours

When Will I Receive My Products

Depending on the postal service you’ve selected you should receive your toys within 3 business days.

Do You Offer Next Day Delivery?

If you would like your toys quickly, please select Next day toy delivery at the checkout. There will be an extra charge for this as unfortunately we can’t offer this service for free.

Can I Send a Gift to Another Address?

You can choose which address your toys go to at the checkout after you’ve created an account.

Do You Gift wrap Products?

Our products arrive in a brown box so the contents are hidden from prying eyes. We know how important it is to keep presents a surprise. We don’t gift wrap yet but if the demand is high we will look to introducing this. Please contact us to let us know you’d like to see us offering this service.

I Haven’t Received My Item, What Should I Do?

Firstly please check our delivery and returns page for info on how long you should expect to wait. If this time has passed, please check your local post office. If you still haven’t received your parcel, please get in touch.

Are All Toys Free Delivery?

Every products comes with free delivery unless you need express or next day delivery services, for this there is an extra charge.

Returns and Refunds

We understand that returns are inevitable due to changing your mind or other unforeseen circumstances. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you.

What Do I Do If I’ve Changed My Mind?

Please see our delivery and returns page. We will accept returns if you’ve changed your mind but there are some terms and conditions to bear in mind.

A Product Arrived Damaged, What Do I Do Next?

Please refrain from opening the package and read our delivery and returns page. Please also get in touch as soon as you notice the damage.

The Toy Has Been Used but I Want to Return It

Please see our delivery and returns terms and conditions. It’s unlikely, in this instance that we will offer a full refund unfortunately.

When Will I Receive My Refund?

You will receive a full refund within 3 business days of us receiving the returned item, often sooner.

Product Availability and Toy Reservations

If you have a question about the availability of our toys online, you’ll find the answer here.

The Item is Out of Stock, What can I Do?

It’s rare that we run out of stock as our team keeps a close eye on stock levels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We do understand though that on rare occasions, such as when a toy has been heavily promoted on the TV, there maybe a surge in sales, leaving the stock empty. In these instances we’ll let you know but you’ll always be aware before you check out. We’ll also order many more and at your request let you know as soon as the toy is back in stock.

My Child Wants a Toy that’s in the Ranges You Sell but I Can’t Find It?

Please email us and we’ll do our best to stock it.

Can I Place an Order to be Delivered at Christmas?

Please get in touch to discuss placing an order and putting it on hold for Christmas.

Is There a Way to Put My Name Down for Expected Products?

You can let us know if you would like to be the first to know about certain products. We’ll ensure that when the product comes in, you receive a notification so you don’t miss out.

If your question isn’t listed here please contact us and we’ll respond within 24hours.